Tributes: Third death anniversary

by: BHAGWAT SWAROOP (General Secretary, STATE B.J.P JAMMU)

We were watching seriously the developments in the valley since 1986 and informing both the State and Central Govts about it when dozen of temples of Hindus were attacked and burnt. A team of State BJP members and central leadership of BJP toured the valley and noticed attitude of pro-pak groups and stance of State Govt administration inimical towards India.

Since then the situation deteriorated day by day and the net out come was of nearly 3 lacs Hindus/ Sikhs/ National Muslims leaving their homes and hearts for safety of their lives and honor.

Shri Tika Lal taploo, Advocate, BJP Vice President who was the staunch nationalist Hindu leader was assassinated in cold blood by Anti Indian Elements only because he was brave and roared like lion saying “BHARAT-MATA-KI-JAI”.

I hail the attempt of Kashmiri Migrant cell to observe his death anniversary and Martyr’s day to inspire the patriotic ferevr amongst our country men.

I was personally very close to Shri Late Tika Lal Taploo and consider his martyrdom as a inspiring event for our own fellows.