Tribute: All State Kashmiri Pandit Conference

I am in loss of words to pay homage to “Lalla” on the Shirdhanjali Diwas” being observed for all the martyre. The fearless expression of his ideas of committed secularism, love for down trodden and help to poor is an example in itself which were for above, region cast creed or color. The best homage to Tika Lal is to follow his ideas.

by: Gopi Krishan Muju (V President)

Tika Lal- The LAL TIKA of Kashmir

We have been rendered refugees in our own country for last 20 months which is the dirt result of assassination of Tika Lal Taploo and hundreds that followed him. Tika Lal was the Heart, of the community, we were orphaned by his martyrdom.
by: H.L. Jad (Vice President)

Tika Lal was a friend of Poor and down trodden. A brave son of Bharat mata
by: P.N. Karnail (Org Secretary)

Sh. Tika Lal, the lawyer boisterously dominating the bar building clever defense for the defenseless. He accepted every challenge with dentine and self confidence personified in times of trouble and turbulence.
by: Shiban Kishan Ganjoo

Sh Tika Lal Taploo an advocate by profession was a daring personalty by though words and action. His dedication and outspoken nature had placed him high in society. He was a man of C isis. His roaring sound on the mike with the slogan Bharat Mata echoed on every side. The sentence quoted by him “No Bullet has been produced which will pierce the body of Taploo” can depict his boldness. He would help all irrespective of cast, creed and color. Some of the characteristics in him have really left an indelible impression on my mind in particular. I pray to almighty to bless peace to the departed soul.
by Moti Lal Malla
(Member Executive ASKPC & Sahayata Samiti)