Late Shri Tika Lal Taploo as I Know Him
By D.P. Koul (Gen Sec ASKPC)

Shri Taploo Ji was true Swyam Sewak, dauntless leader and able advocate. He had all the qualities of Swyam Sewak. He has never disobeyed the Aadesh (order) of even a small Adhikary even when he was one of the senior leaders of the sate.

He was so brave and fearless. Once he told the SP Police that you are unnecessarily harassing the true citizens of India in the valley for lame excuses. In the month of July, 89 he was going round the city along with me and told at many places to Muslims that Kashmir will remain an integral part of India till we are here and alive. On one dead to say anything though the conditions were detecting. He had openly challenged the ministers of State on many occasions and never cared about his safety of life.

He was an able advocate. He had a neck of dealing the cases particularly in getting stay orders from the High Court. As a legal advisor of BMS in the valley I get stay order for 10 lasses from him and same are still there. He won reputation in many departments particularly in P & T.

When Shri Amar Nath Vaishnavi was elected as the president ASCPC (SDYS) some elements having allegiance with other ideologies challenged the election in the court. It was Shri tika Lal who got the case dismissed by the dauntless speech and arguments in the court.

In the month of Sept 1989, when the conditions deteriorated in the valley I was daily seeking his advice in dealing the situation. On 10th Sept 1989 he told me that some abnormal thing is happening in the valley and advised me to apprize every body about the same. He also added that we must move to Delhi fro the same. On 13th Sept 1989i was with him up to 8 PM in the evening and advised me to educate the people about the action of the anti national elements and further advised me to be very vigilant and careful as you are mourning late in night to down town it is in the morning of 14th Sept 1989 when I was shocked of the tragic news.