Srinagar. Sept 18, LPS, An all parties meeting was held today the 17th of Sept 1989 at Sharika Bhawan Sheetal nath, Srinagar to pay tributes to Late Shri Tika Lal taploo, who was killed by some militants near his home on 14.9.1989 while he was going to his office (Court).

The meeting attended by about five thousand people who listened with utmost attention to the tributes being paid to the late leader by different speakers.

The meeting started with a two minute silence followed by Geeta Path by Brahmachari Moti Lal Ji, who spoke about the essence of Geeta and as related to the life of Shri Tika Lal Ji. He spoke about the Nishkam Karmas of Late Taploo who was an embodiment of true fearlessness.

Among others who sple on the occasion and present were

- Justice M.L. Bhat Judge High Court.

- Shri M.K. Tiku Ex Minister and Chairman Legislative Counsil.

- Thakur Baldev Singh MLA and president BJP (J & K).

- Shri Chaman Lal Gupta MLA and Gen. Sec BJP (J & K).

- Shir Bhagwati Saroop Gen SEc BJP (J & K).

- Shri J.N. Bhat (Retd Judge)

- Prof. Balraj Puri, Jammu

- Shri Pushkar Nath Kaul Vakil, President J&K Hindu Mahasabha.

- Shri Pyare Lal Kaul Vakil Advocate and SEc J.D. (J & K).

- Shri H.N Jattu President All State Kashmiri Pandit Conference.

- Shri A.N. Vashnavi President All State Kashmiri Pandit Conference.

- Shri B.N. Handoo, Advocate

Shri Soom Nath Suri recalled the services of Late Shri Taploo to the country, the society and the party he belonged to. He describted him as a fearless soldier who died fighting for the cause of his motherland.

Shri M.K. Tiku described Shri Taploo as a fareless crusador for peace and communal harmony, valient patriot, a friend of the needy and the poor and a symbol of secularism who could mix with all people of all ages and groups. He recalled his old associations with him and said perhaps he was born to die that way as every great man has to sacrifice his life for the country and people.

Shri G.M. Bhat, BJP leader described the 14th Sept 1989 as a dark day in the Indian History and said that the killing of Shri Taploo was a balck spot on us. He said such militants did not belong to any faith, were irreligious faithless and had no father or mother whome they could learn to respect and honor. They are immortal people. He describted Mr Taploo as "Shahi-e-Azam". He describted Mr Taploo's policy as a son of the soil that he belived in "Be Indian" and "Live as and Indian". He said that this was trust left with us by Shri Taploo and we must live as Indians and die as Indians and we must strive to make his dream come out true. He said that we must raise a memoral in his honor.

Bhagwati Saroop paying tributes to the departed leader he exhorted the people of State to work as zealously as the late Shri Taploo did and devote themselves in the development of the country.

Justice J.N. Bhat: Late taploo was a man of word and used to say without any fear what was in his mind. He was secular and his sacrifice has made him immortal. He had such good qualities that all people were attracted by him. He became immortal. In my opinion his martydom will unite the Kashmiri Pandits community. This has come when we should sink our differences and unite for our own welfare. Terrorism is spreding and we should be alert.

Shri Chaman Lal Gupta: Some enemies of the country have snatched him from us. It is a duty of the government to protect the life and property of the people. It has to see that no one looses his life or property for want of adequate security. He said that the Chief Minister had told him that he never thought that Shri Taploo should meet such an end. The Government which fails to provide security in this manner is not fit to stay in poewr. He said Shri Taploo's voice has become the voice of the country. His fault was only this that he was a soldier of undivided bharat. We want the Government should nab all those who are responsible for this gruesome act. He said we must raise a memorial in his memory.

Shri Poshkar Nath Kaul Vakil: He never deviated from his principals. His thinking remained the same for the last 50 years. I do not say that some Muslim has assasinated him, but only some fanatic have made him a martyr. He prayed for preace to his soul.

Prof Balraj Puri: There are two aspects of this tragedy. One relates to his person the other relates to his services. The grater tragedy relates to the State which has recived gratest setback. We never believed in gunning down those who differed from our views. This is the gratest tragedy. This is a murder of democracy and civilization. I join other in paying my tributes to the departed leader. We should all work to improve the state of affairs.

Shri Pushkar Nath: (Sanatan Dharam Sabha Baramulla) We condemn the gruesome murder of Shri Taploo. Those who did are cowards. He was a fearless worker and we should follow the guidelines laid down by him. The society will realise his great contribution later on.

Shri Vijay Jain: We have gathered here to pay tributes to the memory of Shri Tika Lal Ji. He never shirked his responsibility and always tried to fulfill his commitments. His love towards all enderared him all. With great afith he used to participate in our functions and did not consider anybody as a stranger. I pay my tributes to him. The void left by him has to be filled by our efforts and this is the gratest tribute which we can pay to him.

Shri Pyre Lal Koul Advocate: I am grieved to participate in thi sgatherring which has been convened to mourn the death of Shri Taploo. I could never imagine that he would die so soon. He was determined to serve Kashmir and to work for this steadfastly. This is a tragedy that he fells victim to assasin's bullet. To asisinate a patriot is the heighest of tragedy. I appeal to all to rise to the occasion and work for curbing this lawlessness. He is not amongst us but his principles will always guide us. Kashmir is known for communal amity and to work against this is to ignore the traditions of Kashmir. May god give us strength to maintain this communal amity.

Shri H.N Jattu: It would require a great deal of time to recount the qualities of Shri Tika Lal Taploo. If he has been done to death for saying that Kashmir is a part of India. The people of his state, with Muslim Majority did express themthemselves acession to India and why should Tika Lal Ji have been sigled out. India gave us so much for improving the lot of the state and for its development. Is it now any sense to question the accession. I ask the rulers of both the state and the center to be alert and curb this lawlessness. This is against the traditions of Kashmiriats. Our culture, our way of life providing a ray of light to the country. If the Hindus of this place are becoming victims because of laxity or the part of the state and central overnment it will lead to serious situation. The KP always cooperated with secular forces. Attempts are being made to create misgivings in the minds of the government and the majority community about Kashmiri Pandit. we have learn from the exaple set by the departed martyr. Inspite of our differences he would respect the feelings of others. He was the great mand and we should all follow his principles. The press should report facts and write farelessly.

Justice M.L. Bhat: I knew Tika Lal Ji as a lawyer because he and I were both members of the Bar. Our personal relations were very good. His life is an open book and he would never stoop to corrupt pracices and would speak out the mind feralessly. He was respected by Bar. He was truely secular and Karmayogi, god may give strength to the family to bear the shock. To departed will always inspire us. His sacrifice will not go in vain.

Shri Hira Lal Chatta: He would reach the farthest corner of the valley when there as any trouble. We would consult him when we had some trouble. Whome shall we approch now? There is no bold as he was. He was very courageous and would always expose the cause of the down trodden. He sacrificed his life for the country. Our leaders should unite and work for the society. They should be fearless like Tika Lal Ji.

Shri B.K. Handoo: This is the first thing to have such a big meeting at Sheetalnath during quite past some time to say anything about Tika Lal Ji is to show lamp to the sun. He was a leader, friend, a colleague. He is unseparable from the history of Kashmir. He was great disciplinarian. He would always say that he was a soldier and shall not shrik from sacrificing his life for the country. This cameout true. The assisin's say that he was shot dead because he said that Kashmir is a part of India but he was not alone to say so. All the sizty million people of the state say so. We will not be cowed down by such incidents. The leadership here took a decision to have the links with India. The more there will be such sacrifices the stronger these links will become. The political leaders as revealed by todays papers say that the government has failed to curb lawlessness. The problem is serious and something has to be done about it Mr RS Chib has said that Chief Minister here knows the militants and his administration provides them shelter. he is not a leder of the opposition but b elongs to the ruling party and was a Cabinet minister till yesterday. If somebody thinks that by shooting Tika Lal or some one else, Kashmir Pandit will flee from the state he is living in fool's paradice. A probe should be made in the assasination of Shri Tika Lal Taploo to expose the conspiracy.

Sh. Tej Krishn Trishal: The problems of nationalist and anti natinal is KP have not acceeded to India. It is the majorty community leadership forty years back who took this decision. Some mischievious elements are forging conspiracy to weaken the nation. We must work hard to strengthen the patriotism in the country. To curb the terrorism we must strengthen the hands of Dr Adbullah (there was protests and commotion and Shri Trisal had to stop).

Thakur Baldev Singh: I am sorry that a commotion was raise over the words spoken by previous speaker. Tika lal is on the forehead of each one of us (as Lal Tika) and we are proud of it. the state government has failed in duty to provide security to Tika Lal Ji. They provide security to themselves but not to others. There was an unprecedented procession of mourners. Such a government which failes to protect its citizens and political leaders should resign and not remain in power. There are suspecions in the minds of people about the practice professions of the government and it should resign. Forthwith the Cong-NC accord is framed. Taploo was a fareless and straighforward and would love all. He had all the qualities of head and heart.

Shri A.N. Vashnavi: Shri Tika Lal was a leader and worked steadfastly for the ideals. The assasination has shown to the world the character of Tika Lal Ji. While dying he said that Kashmir was a part of India. Shri KN Singh has also said that Kashmir situation is serious RS Chib has also spoken out the truth after giving up the ministership with all the allurements. Shri Tika Lal's death has opened the eyes of all. There should be an enquiry in this datrsdly act. He was a fearless person. He was a pearl in the crown of India. His death is the most unfortunate incident in the history of India. The minority is exacsperated. Our faith has observed retraint.The honour of the country has to be protected and the sacrifice of Shri Tika Lal Ji there can be many more such sacrifices and we are prepared for it. One Tika lal is gone hundreds will come up. Tika Lal's sacrifice will not weaken us and it will not be let go in vain. The road from sathoo to Muniwar Fateh Kedal under construction should be named as Tika Lal Taploo Road.