Alas! We have lost a lion
By ML Aima (Vice President ASKPC)

On the second anniversary of the martyrdom of Sh tika Lal Taploo we are reminded of the heroic role played by him for introducing and sustaining the channel of true Indian Nationalism and secularism in the Kashmir Valley, initially in the name of Bh. Jan Sangh, Then Janta Party and lastly BJP. He was a true votary and an activist of Hindutava, who got his initiation in RSS as early as 1945 and remained a dedicated Swayam Sevak up to his last day, Fearless and dauntless as he was he would not hesitate to communicate the message of National Integration from his ideological point of view in frank and unprejudiced terms to the Muslims and Hindus alike.

He was deeply loved by the intellectuals and political workers of all hues in Kashmir for his sincere and bold assertion as a nationalist who fought at the cost of his life the separatist and the fundamentalist elements of Kashmir.

An advocate by profession, he had risen in stature in public eyes and in his party ranks for being a devout son of Bharat Mata, uncompromising in his views in facing the parochial feelings of relegion, cast and other narrow considerations which some times would tend to influence the Hindu and National Ideological frame work of his colleagues and friends.

Sh Tika Lal Taploo is no more in his physical form with us, but as the first martyr who fell to bullets of enemies of the country, in Kashmir in the context of the present turmoil. He was made an immemorable history among hundreds of Martyrs who followed him.

Alas! We have lost the lion who would roar Bharat Mata ki Jaií ancidist the hostile encirclement of the enemies of India and would challenge the anti nationals who feared him like lambs.