Lost a friend a guide and a zealous party worker: Atal Behari Bajpai.               Iron man of Kashmir: Mr. L. K. Advani.               Tika Lal Taploo - The hindu lion of kashmir: The Martand.               Alas! we have lost a lion: Mr. Aima (Vice President ASKPC).               Tika Lal a towering symbol of Indian Nationalism in Kashmir: Panun Kashmir.               Tika Lal the valiant son of Kum-Kum Bhomi (Land of Kessar): Dr Agnishekhar.               Tika Lal peral in the crown of India: Sh. K.L. Sharma (National V.P. BJP).               The death of Tika Lal is the most unfortunate incident in the history of India: Mr Hiralal Chatta.               Tika Lal a valiant patriot "Shah-e-Azam": Mr. G M Bhat.               Tika Lal a secular and a karmayogi, stalwart who fought dauntless for cherished ideas and national integraion: Mr. L.K. Advani.               Tika Lal the leader of the masses: Muslim Action Committee.