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A Leader Photo Gallary In His Memory
Date of Birth: October 6th 1930
Date of Assassination: 14 SEP.1989 (59 years)
Qualification: MA-LLB
Advocate High Court,Vice President State Bhartiya Janta Party, Social Worker
Chinkral Mohalla, Habba Kadal, Srinagar
Survived by:
Wife (50) Sarla Devi, 2 Sons - Ashutosh and Anil Taploo, Daughter - Kavita Saraf
Sh. Tika Lal Taploo born in 1930. A man dedicated to a cause from childhood to the end unmoved by the threats and intimation allurements or allegation.

Tika Lal passed his Matriculation in 1945 from Punjab University and did his M.A.L.L.B from Aligarh Muslim University in 1958. He was ignored admission along with other Kashmiri Punditís but he started agitation and staged Dharna in front of the University campus along with other students till he was given admission. He completed his law in 1957.

Sh.Taploo joined Kashmir Bar in 1957, and since then had been working as an active Participant in Promotion of Justice. He was enrolled as an Advocate of high Court on April 1971.

Tika Lal Taploo was a social worker and was arrested six times as RSS activist.

Tika Lal got married to Smt.Sarla who was working as Govt. Teacher in 1957.

On 14th Septemberí1989 Kashmir was plunged in grief and darkness such as it had not experienced before in living memory. The warm, gifted, humane and self-less young Sh.Tika Lal Taploo was felled by the assassins, bullets in broad-day light outside his own house in Srinagar. The Islamic fundamentalists had murdered not only Taploo but also an old faith and culture of universal brotherhood and love and tolerance which be symbolized in his life.

Sh.Taploo was attached many times before also, but he stood like a lion and iron pillar between Kashmir and the Islamic fundamentalism.

Knowing the fact that his life is in threat, he left his family at Delhi and returned Kashmir on 8th Septí1989. On 12th Septemberí1989 he was attacked at his residence in Chinkral Mohalla, but came out openly and challenged the militants without any fear.

Sh.Tikalal Taploo was one who Muslims more than Hindus and Hindus more than Muslims had to decades taken as their friend, sympathizer and benefactor.

Shri Taploo was an ardent champion of liberty and upholder of fundamental rights of the citizens. In 1975 when the hag hands of internal Emergency had gripped the whole nation at its throat, on the call of Lok Sangagh Samiti formed by various national parties under the leadership of Lok Nayak Jaya Prakash Narayan Jee, TIKALAL courted arrest at historic Lal Chowk in Srinagar with three others colleagues. While in custody third degree methods did the police in him and his two fearless companions adopt? The police in interrogation, of Sh. Taploo had eroded all norms of civil liberties and human rights. Tika Lal along with his companion Sh.Madan Lal Khashu and Sh.Shiban Jee Pandita were treated as criminals, so much so, for producing before the Magistrate in Srinagar Court, they were handcuffed and dragged through the buessy market of Maharaja Bazar, Sarai-Bala, Amiri-Kadal, Harozi Bagh etc. On their entry in the court premises all advocates cutting across political affiliation and faiths thronged into the bar and protested against the hand-cuffing of Sh. Taploo and foiled the attempt of the police who were trying to seek further remand for inflicting more torture. After remaining in judicial lock up for months he was honorably released along with his companions.

Unlike Tika Lals temperament his dress would be simple and so was his heart. Tears of a woman or an oppressed, irrespective of their caste, would move him. As a lawyer he used to plead the cases not for his pleasure but to please the oppressed, the down trodden, the needy. Tika Lal was very popular among the classes of society that are economically backward. Material gains had very scant influence on his temperament. People especially students facing any problems having legal implications would without any formal obligation first rush to seek counsel from Tika Lal Jee. In Aligarh University while graduating in Law and post graduating in Humanities, and at Bar the ideals of simple living and high thinking, dedication in the services of the nation and fearlessness imbibed by him in R.S.S. Shakha remained with all through his life.